The Blooming Of The Corpse Flower Arrives At Orange Coast College

The Amorphophallus Titanium flower is known colloquially as the Corpse Flower due to its intensely bad smell. It’s a tall, green plant with hairs that go straight up through the middle of it. Many fans of the flower visit the Orange Coast College campus this time of year in order to look at and smell this rare flowering plant.

The plant on the Orange Coast College campus was first planted in 2006 and is known to people as Little Dougie. It is now nearly five feet tall and has a weight of more than 30 pounds. The person who watches out for the plant is the college’s horticulture coordinator, Joe Stead. He has said that this type of plant can get to as large as 200 pounds when fully mature. He commented that it smells like something that is dead when it is blooming. Before Little Dougie, the college had one in their greenhouse. For that one they had to turn the fans on because of how intense the smells would get in that enclosed space.

The Corpse Flower won’t bloom until after the first 10 years. Each blooming lasts for one to two days and usually happens at night. Once it first blooms it will then do so every three to five years after that. Another Corpse Flower on campus, known as Little John, is eleven years old and the last time it bloomed in 2014 more than 1,000 people arrived at Orange Coast College in order to experience it.

Orange Coast College is a community college located in Costa Mesa, California. It has about 24,000 students that attend it each year. Many of the students earn an associates degree and then enroll at a 4-year university in order to acquire their bachelor’s degree.

The sports teams at Orange Coast College have earned a large number of championships over the years. The men’s rowing team has been highly successful and some of the rowers have been in the Summer Olympics. Their baseball team, men’s volleyball team, and beach volleyball team’s have also had a very good history of achievement.

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How David McDonald is Making OSI Better

OSI Group is a profitable company that provides meat and other food products to companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks. They are profitable because of the president and because of the leaders that they have in the company. They have all worked together to make sure that the company is functioning properly as a global company and that it is something that people will be able to use no matter where they are located or the size of the business that they own. David McDonald is responsible for a lot of change with the company and he also wants to make sure that he is going to be able to bring even more change to the company so that he can help people out with the options that they need to grow the company and bring more attention to the experiences that people have in the areas that they are located and more information click here.

For David McDonald to be able to try new things, he needed to be sure that OSI Group was going to see improvements. He wanted to make sure that the company was growing and that people were doing more with it. By offering more agricultural opportunities, David McDonald made OSI Group better than what it was. Now, the company has an entire portion of their business dedicated to agriculture and the things that they can do to make the company better through farming and sustainable practices in the farms that they run. They have even acquired businesses that were directly related to agriculture and learn more about David.

Another thing that David McDonald is doing to ensure that the company is sustainable is working in reducing the waste that OSI Group has. He knows that it would be impossible to eliminate all of the waste because OSI Group is a food company but he also wanted to make a difference and show people that a reduction in waste can have positive effects on the company and what the company is working on doing to change things in the industry that they are a part of. He wants to show other food companies that they can also do the same and David’s lacrosse camp.

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The Internet of Things

Jason Hope has been fascinated by the growth of the internet and how devices communicate with each other. He also picked up a hobby freelance writing, where he commentates on the latest technology trends. You may have seen some of his work on Hope writes a lot about what technology is next.

The Internet of Things is the connection that electronic devices share. It is the electronic waves in which they communicate. There are a handful of devices we use every day that are now easily pairable to electronic devices or hubs. In essence, the Internet of Things allows for multiple devices to share the same network. This growing trend will someday change the way machines can communicate with each other.

Jason Hope thinks that now is the perfect time for corporations to start investing in the Internet of Things. The companies that can not get on board with this new trend are going to very quickly fall behind. Hope envisions that the world will one day be filled with all kinds of devices communicating with each other. It could happen in just a few years. In 2017, we already have smartphones, smart appliances, tablets, entertainment systems, and we have gotten a first look at self-driving cars. The Internet of Things will open all kinds of new opportunities for small businesses to grow and more jobs will be created. This trend will continue to help remove waste and better human lives.

The Internet of Things has changed public transportation. Engineers can easily monitor vehicle performance, road conditions, and keep a tight schedule with the help of a smartphone. GPS helps people avoid traffic jams and unsafe weather conditions before they happen and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope is very active in Arizona helping young entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into a profitable company and improve the health and wellness of humans. He supports many humanitarian organizations that fight against aging and other diseases and more information click here.

Hope grew up in Arizona. He earned a degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He is also very into politics and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

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Bucket List Birding in the American Heartland

Minnesota and Wisconsin offer opportunities for spotting some of America’s most rare and spectacular birds. The magnificent Whooping Crane, the rare Kirtland’s Warbler and the mighty Gyrfalcon are a few of the most-wanted birds that can be spotted in these Upper-Midwest states.


Minnesota’s varied landscape of prairie, wetlands and forest offers a array of habitats that draws a spectacular variety of resident birds. Much of the state is located along a major global flyway, which brings migrating birds through the state by the millions from season to season. Learn more:


Hawk Ridge in Duluth, on the shores of Lake Superior, is one of the nations premier raptor-viewing destinations. On an Autumn day, a lucky visitor might spot Osprey, Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, Turkey Vulture, Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and more.


Other Minnesota birding destinations include Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge, and Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.Learn more:


Wisconsin borders two Great Lakes and boasts more than 15,000 inland lakes, making it a dream destination for fans of waterfowl and shorebirds. Sprawling national forests and vast grasslands add to the range of bird habitat.


Horicon Marsh Northwest of Milwaukee is one of the largest cattail marshes in the country at 33,000 acres. Tens of thousands of Canada Geese create a spectacle at Horicon Marsh during their migration. American White Pelican, Trumpeter Swan, Great Egret, Blue Heron, and several waterfowl species nest at the marsh. Wild Turkey, Snow Bunting, Bobolink, and several species of raptor can also be found breeding at Horicon. Learn more:


Other birding hotspots in Wisconsin include Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge, and Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.


These locations and many more across the country depend on the support of organizations and individuals in order to maintain habitat for these varied species. One organization that is working to conserve the world’s biodiversity is WildArk. A visit to their website at will inspire a desire to connect with nature and provides a wonderful resource for conservation-focused content.


Finding Drugs in Jail with Securus Technologies

As a corrections officer in a very dangerous jail, I have to focus the majority of my day to keeping drugs out of the hands of the inmates. If the inmates are dangerous without drugs, they become a much bigger threat when they are under the influence. Over the years I have seen these inmates try just about everything to get their hands on drugs, and even when I work double shifts, I am barely putting a dent in the flow of illegal drugs in the prison.


Our warden recently told my team of corrections officers that Securus Technologies was completing installation of our new inmate communication monitoring system The system is able to do the work of many officers, freeing up my staff to focus on getting the drugs before they get to the inmates. Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith says he and his 1,000 employees all work towards one objective, keeping the world a safer place for everyone.


Once the inmate monitoring system was up and running, our staff eagerly learned how to work the LBS software, and we jumped right in to see what results we could attain. It didn’t take long before we got our first hit. One of the inmates was bragging to his brother over the phone about how he was able to use drugs in his cell after dark, so we put a stop to that. Another inmate was telling a family member how to get drugs into an envelope to avoid detection, we decided to pay closer attention to his mail.


Our biggest score was when a gang leader ordered his members to bring drugs to the jail in force. We were able to intercept those visitor in the parking lot so nothing got to the leader. The software has put a huge bite in drugs in our jail and we hope to eventually stop it completely.


Whitney Wolfe – How She Is Changing The Game Of Dating

In a world of online dating that is still very much taboo, Whitney Wolfe is taking Bumble to a place where no dating app has ever dared to go in the past. The app is creating a real life physical space in New York City. This swanky room allows for strangers to come on in and sit down to use as a place to go on a date with somebody.

Meant to connect two strangers, it’s the best place to lounge around and just soak up the beauty of the Bumble brand. It’s a unique little way to meet someone new if you are hesitant and want to meet somebody in a safe place. Whitney Wolfe as founder of Bumble, loved this idea because she can use this now as a platform to speak. There will be panels taking place and other special events of famed personalities speaking on topics like dating and women empowerment.

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Bumble is now trying to reach out to more and more people with new ideas every day. The best part is that Whitney Wolfe is tired of focusing her time on just helping people find love and dates. There are people out there already in great relationships. How does she plan on marketing to them? Well, with the newly released Bumble BFF she wanted to give people the chance to meet new people without having to leave the house. Expanding your social circle is not always an overnight process. It can take time to make a new friend. And being on the wrong apps can cause future turmoil and stress if you don’t know what you are doing. Whitney Wolfe makes it easy on you. Just a few swipes here and there and you are bound to make a new friend and find someone to go to a movie with you or even find a new shopping buddy. For men, getting to meet a new workout buddy is probably what they are looking for. Bumble BFF is definitely the newest trend and can open the door to meeting new people and open the horizons to making new platonic friendships in the area.

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How Sheldon Lavin Has Helped OSI Group To Expand Globally

Sheldon Lavin joined the meat industry over 43 years ago. Previously, he led a successful career as an investor and executive, as well as one of a financial consulting company. Since joining OSI Group as the CEO and chairperson, he has transformed the company from a McDonald’s burger supplier into a global supplier of various foods to numerous retail and foodservice brands. Currently, OSI Group, LLC consists of OSI International Foods, LLC in the US, OSI Industries, LC and OSI International Inc., the holding company for OSI Group’s global investments.

Sheldon Lavin’s involvements with the meat industry started when he arranged financing for Otto & Sons in 1970. His continued involvement with the company saw him gain 100 voting control after one partner sold his stake while the other retired from the business. Sheldon took it upon himself to grow OSI group into a major company. As such, the company expanded into various locations such as Japan, Philippines, India and many other nations.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is continuing his pursuit of expansion with primary targets being Europe and Asia. Away from business, Sheldon supports various charities such as Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago among others.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of OSI Group, LLC. He also serves in the capacity of president of OSI International Foods Ltd. Since the financing involvement with Otto & Sons in 1970, Lavin has garnered extensive industry knowledge. Through his able leadership, OSI Group has grown from just a domestic food processing company in the US to a global industry leader. In fact, the company currently enjoys an extensive global network of operations, which consists facilities that are based in over 60 locations spread out in 60 different nations.

Lavin has played an instrumental role in helping OSI Group to expand its operations worldwide. In fact, the company has received numerous sustainability and environmental awards under Lavin’s leadership. On the other hand, Lavin holds the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy for his effort in boosting OSI Group’s global presence around the world. Furthermore, Sheldon Lavin is dedicated to inspiring a new group of corporate leaders to commit themselves towards the growth of their companies.

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How A PAC Is Seeking To End Citizens United

In 2010 the US Supreme Court made a decision that completely overhauled how elections operate in the nation. The decision made in Citizens United v. F.E.C. was that corporations are people and as such limiting how much they can give politicians who are running for elections is a restriction on their first amendment rights. The end result of this ruling is that politicians and the wealthy can now give as much as they want which had led to their voices completely drowning out everyone else’s when it comes to politics and who wins elections.

In response to overwhelming public dissent with this ruling, End Citizens United was founded as a political action committee (PAC) in March 2015. This PAC is funded by hundreds of thousands of grassroots donors across the United States who want to put reasonable limits on what the wealthy and corporations are able to spend influencing who wins elections and what legislation there is. They support politicians who are for campaign finance reform and against unlimited money in politics.

End Citizens United supports Democrats because only politicians in that party care to provide meaningful reform of the country’s campaign finance system. They don’t support Republicans because politicians in that party stand in the way of reforming campaign contribution limits, even though their own voters support that happening. In order to determine which candidate the PAC will support in key contests, they have each candidate fill out a questionnaire that asks specific questions about campaign finance reform and their thoughts about it.

PACS like End Citizen United already have their eyes on the 2018 midterm elections. Through just the first three months of 2017 End Citizen United had already raised more than $4 million dollars through small donors giving an average of $12. They are expecting to raise at least $35 million before the race for the midterm elections begins in full. This is a big upgrade over the $25 million it had taken in during the 2016 election cycle.

Out of the 100,000 people who have made donations to End Citizens United since the start of the year, and remarkable 40% were making the first political contribution of their lives. Tiffany Muller is the Executive Director and President of the PAC. Talking about the citizens who have been contributing to her PAC, she said that people across the country can see that the system is rigged against everyone who isn’t rich and well connected.

End Citizen United is supporting Jon Ossoff who is the Democrat candidate running in a special election for the House seat vacated by Tom Price. Their contribution of $500,000 led to his strong showing in the first round of the election and possible if not likely win of this traditionally Republican seat.


A Review Of The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) focuses on the development of transportation systems in Williamson and Travis counties. Under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA has demonstrated its authority in the development of toll roads such as 183A and U.S. 290 East.

CTRMA is an independent government agency, which was established in 2001. With its assets totaling $1.8 billion, the agency does not have a taxing authority, but raises most of its funds (70 percent) from the private sector through the sale of investment bonds. The remaining portion is raised from public sources, especially the Texas Department of Transportation. Its seven-member board comprises experienced professionals from the business community.

In an effort to reduce congestion on the roads, CTRMA offers free roadside assistance through their Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) to motorists with minor breakdowns along Interstate 35 and U.S. 183.

They also have travel apps such Metropia, which provides real-time information on alternative routes. Their ridesharing app, CARMA, links commuters with drivers on similar routes. CTRMA is also building additional toll lanes along the highway connecting West Cesar Chavez Street and Parmer Lane under its Mopac Improvement Project. A section of the lane will start operating in June, but all lanes will be open to commuters in November. Express toll lanes will be functional by December.

With such impressive projects in the pipeline and others completed, CTRMA rewards its executive director, Mike Heiligenstein, with a salary that surpasses that of the chiefs of the Texas Department of Transportation.

In 2016, the governing board approved a compensation package of $366,112, compared to the executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation who earns $299,812. This amount is inclusive of a salary of $274,912, annual life insurance premium of $3,000, deferred compensation of $45,000 and a monthly car allowance of $850. This information was originally mentioned on My Statesman as outlined in this link

About Mike Heiligenstein

CTRMA became operational a year after it was incorporated where Mike Heiligenstein was appointed to provide the company with transformative leadership. The agency is undertaking different programs that will result in an asset base of $4 billion by 2020. In addition, the authority forecasts a revenue stream of $136.5 million by the same year.

His overwhelming success at the agency draws on his vast experience in enhancing transportation infrastructure in the region. For 23 years, Mike worked as a public officer in Williamson County where he expanded water and transportation infrastructure.

Mike served as the CEO of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). The executive serves on the advisory boards of Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the WTS Heart of Texas Chapter. He is an alumnus of the University of Texas.

Perfect Fits for Rookie Breakouts

This year’s fantasy draft is full of potential sleepers, and every year we find ourselves in a position where we passed up on the perfect players to fill out our fantasy rosters. Here are two likely scenarios you could use to fill out your fantasy roster this year.


Deshaun Watson, QB


While Deshaun Watson probably won’t find himself in a Texans uniform, he’s a perfect fantasy match for the Jets. Known for his playmaking ability, Deshaun could easily find himself inside of a rookie year that’s strangely similar to Dak Prescott’s rookie performance. Despite another disappointing outing inside of the AFC East in 2016, it’s fair to say that the Jets talented roster is a quarterback away from competing for a bid in the playoffs. With an outstanding receiving core and a competitive defense, Deshaun may easily find the ball in his hands enough to make him an outstanding fantasy sleeper. As a Jet, he’ll easily find himself inside of favorable fantasy matchups throughout the year. This creates the perfect situation for a situational QB 2.



Mike Williams, WR


The Ravens are in desperate need of a franchise wide receiver, and Mike Williams looks like the perfect candidate to fill the role. After losing an outstanding wide receiving duo at the conclusion of the 2016 season, Joe Flacco is itching to find a reliable set of hands to throw the ball to. With great size and athleticism, Williams has earned a ticket into the first round. With any luck, he’ll find himself as the top target for a quarterback that threw for over four thousand yards last year.


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