Get Reliable Inmate Calling With Securus

Securus Technologies is a stable network offering their users a strict government mandated network. They”re proud to be affiliated with the American Correctional Association and the recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award. Their interactive web platform encourages their users to share their experience with the network. CEO, Rick A. Smith says, customer inclusion is important to the success of any call provider because the customers are the ones using the service. Securus was one of the first networks to respond to a stabilized network while others networks were influenced by sanctions and infractions by the government.


Their features have inspired thousands of users to think about their love ones versus the price of inmate calling. They have many popular features, but one seems to stand out more than others. Their remote visitation features gives you a clear video with premium sound to visit an inmate online. You must pay a small fee and have a compatible device. They give you multiple device access allowing their customers to chat from almost anywhere. You’ll never have to take a long commute to a facility and go through the uncomfortable, but necessary searches. Visit the trusted Securus Technologies network for more details today.