Perfect Fits for Rookie Breakouts

This year’s fantasy draft is full of potential sleepers, and every year we find ourselves in a position where we passed up on the perfect players to fill out our fantasy rosters. Here are two likely scenarios you could use to fill out your fantasy roster this year.


Deshaun Watson, QB


While Deshaun Watson probably won’t find himself in a Texans uniform, he’s a perfect fantasy match for the Jets. Known for his playmaking ability, Deshaun could easily find himself inside of a rookie year that’s strangely similar to Dak Prescott’s rookie performance. Despite another disappointing outing inside of the AFC East in 2016, it’s fair to say that the Jets talented roster is a quarterback away from competing for a bid in the playoffs. With an outstanding receiving core and a competitive defense, Deshaun may easily find the ball in his hands enough to make him an outstanding fantasy sleeper. As a Jet, he’ll easily find himself inside of favorable fantasy matchups throughout the year. This creates the perfect situation for a situational QB 2.



Mike Williams, WR


The Ravens are in desperate need of a franchise wide receiver, and Mike Williams looks like the perfect candidate to fill the role. After losing an outstanding wide receiving duo at the conclusion of the 2016 season, Joe Flacco is itching to find a reliable set of hands to throw the ball to. With great size and athleticism, Williams has earned a ticket into the first round. With any luck, he’ll find himself as the top target for a quarterback that threw for over four thousand yards last year.


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