Arizona Investor, Jason Hope Describes The Highlights From CES 2016

Jason Hope is an Arizona based investor and technology consultant. He is the owner and founder of Jason Hope Business Consulting. A graduate of Arizona State University in Tempe, Jason supports numerous Arizona area charities. They include the Arizona Science Center and support for young entrepreneurs in Arizona high schools and colleges.

Mr. Jason Hope is a self-described futurist who has a passion for both researching, following and investing in the latest technological trends. He is a contributing writer to Below is a summary of Jason Hope’s article featured on on the highlights from the CES 2016 conference.

According to Jason Hope, the big takeaway from CES 2016 was the fact that connected technology through channels such as the internet of things were at the front and center of the conference. Hope describes the goals of some automakers such as General Motors to have autonomous cars created by 2017. Another invention that can take place in the future and start appearing in vehicles is wireless entertainment systems in vehicles. Both are a possibility for the future, but they need to be rolled out carefully to avoid a potential disaster if technologies or the public is not yet ready for them.

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Another highlight of the 2016 CES awards was a new health and wellness product called the DietSensor. This gadget can analyze and record information about food consumed at the molecular level to show how much nutrients, fat and sodium you are consuming. Such a device could help people stay on their diet goals. It can also provide motivation for people to consume more healthy foods and avoid junk foods.

Innovations in health and wellness tracking devices could lead to new devices being developed that can track new metrics such as the amount of sleep we get, the nutrition our body receives and how much exercise we get in one gadget. This could let us see a more accurate portrait of our activity and nutrition. It could also be shared with our doctors to provide a more accurate picture of our lifestyle to them.

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